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Herbal Facial

Purify Your Skin Cells with Natural Herb Treatment

The face is always a subject to the elements like sun, dust, pollution, smoke and improper environment. Proper facial regimes offer you deep cleansing, exfoliation and massage that revitalize your skin cells like before. Herbal Beauty Salon offers finest and comprehensive range of Herbal Facials. This treatment provides impeccable flawless skin solution which improves blood circulation and stimulates renewal of skin cells and gives your skin a pearl like glow. It moreover combats acne problems which many women suffer especially in summers. We offer such exclusive soothing service at a very competitive and affordable price.

Every day our skin is exposed to a millions of dirt particles and toxins which affect our skin cells and further make it damaged, dark and dirty. Herbal products are hundred percent pure and are made up of natural Ayurvedic herbs which are highly effective on your skin. There is no artificial fragrance and added parabens. So get the natural radiant and flawless glow with Herbal facial treatment solution.

Herbal Facial